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Outer Island Health Care Services

Implementing Actions Management

  • Replace 4 retired Health Assistants 
  • Improve communication structure that allows collaborative communications amongst MoH EOC, National EOC, and outer island Health Dispensaries in pre, during, and post emergencies through establishment of 10 additional DAMA centers 
  • Coordinate with all Primary Health Programs to schedule monthly comprehensive mobile medical missions 
  • Develop outer island behavioral health prevention, treatment and training 
  • Develop a standard Outer Island Health Care Services Standard of Operations
  • Coordinate with Mayor’s Office to improve mobile mission communication services
  •  Seek technical assistance from international donors to establish a strategic plan specially on Outer Island Health Care Services 

Implementing Actions Training & Patient Care

  •  Conduct training on the following programs
    - Package of Essential NCD’s (PEN)
    - Communicable Diseases
    - Environmental Health Diseases 
  • Establish Health Assistant training from FNU to provide 18-month intensive training for 10 health assistants 
  • Develop a training plan for all Health Assistan
  • Provide basic Data Collection and reporting all Health Assistants 
  • Improve and or renovate warehouse to ensure quality control of Outer Island Stock
  • Ensure all health centers are fully equipped with proper equipment’s and supplies 

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   (692) 625 7710

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