Diabetic Foot Clinic & Wound Care Center

It is important that all diabetic patients be referred to DFC clinic with or without foot ulcer for foot screening, foot care education and nutrition counseling. The clinic also offers nail trimming, callus/corn removal, Infrared Radiation or Ultraviolet ray for ulcers; wound care, fabrication of cast, posterior walking splint and other offloading devices for ulcer.

Amputee Rehabilitation

Patients are seen prior to amputation when possible or immediately post operatively. The acute stage consists of stump shaping and strengthening, ambulating with crutches and general conditioning. 6-8 weeks post op, prosthesis is constructed on site.

Prosthesis and Orthotic Services

Below Knee Prosthesis can be fabricated at the REHAB. Patients post trans-tibial amputations are referred by the surgeon for ambulation training and general conditioning before prosthetic management. Patients with diabetes and or foot ulcers are made foot orthotics in an effort to prevent amputations.   Off-the-shelf Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO’s) are also available in rehab for patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy, polio, talipes equinovar, SCI, stroke or foot drop.

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Offers mainly stroke patients, but also includes people with head and spinal cord injuries and other neurological conditions.

Orthopedic and Musculo-Skeletal Rehabilitation

we see many patients with back pain, back surgeries, hip and knee surgeries, dislocations, fractures, soft tissue injuries, nerve paralysis, arthritis, frozen shoulders and a variety of other conditions. We can offer heat therapy, cryotherapy,  IRR,UVR, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, graded exercise programs, traction, and education in proper body mechanics.  We also have  some variety of joint supports and splints (for wrist, knee, ankle etc. most of these braces were from donations) available for patients.

Hand Therapy

Patients with hand injuries such as fractures, tendon repairs, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome can often benefit from our services. We are equipped with materials for making a variety of hand splints which can be helpful in managing these conditions, and will work with patients through graded exercise

Physical Conditioning and Weight loss

We regularly receive referrals for patients with chronic health problems or obesity for these services, and are happy to either provide advice in an individual session, or have patients attend regularly for general exercise programs and monitoring.

Provision of Equipment

The Rehabilitation Service coordinates provision of equipment for use at home. This includes:

▪ Wheelchairs

▪ Crutches (axillary and forearm crutches)

▪ Walking frames

▪ Canes / walking sticks

▪ Splints / braces / joint supports

▪ Prosthetic devices


All of this equipment is provided at cost price to the patient.  When possible, we prefer to see the patient for whom we are providing equipment., we will send items to the outer islands in special circumstances.   





Majuro Hospital

Doctors are asked to complete a Rehabilitation Services referral form.  All information provided on this form is very helpful to us, particularly details of the patients’ current condition and past history.

Patients do not need an appointment in advance.  They can come and present their referral form at any time.  We will fit them in immediately if we can or give them a time to come back if this is not possible.

Off-island referrals (patients returning to Majuro)

The department has direct communication/ contact to the referral office in Philippines. Patient/s diagnosis, current status and PT regimen from St. Luke’s Medical Center are usually emailed to rehab few days prior to the patient/s return to ensure that the recommended therapy treatments are also available in rehab. Progression of treatments is based on the patients’ improvement and follow-up check-up

COVID-19 Health Hotline 24-HR
→ 625-3632 (Majuro)
→ 329-8206 (Ebeye)

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COVID-19 Health Hotline 24-HR
→ 625-3632 (Majuro)
→ 329-8206 (Ebeye)
 625-4543 / 625-7710 ext 2411


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