Dr. Robert Madisson
Chief of Staff/Clinical DirectorDr. Robert Madisson
Dr. Peter Hasugulmal
SurgeryDr. Peter Hasugulmal
Dr. Ivy Claire Lapidez
OB - GYNDr. Ivy Claire Lapidez
Dr. Virgilio Villarroya
Internal MedecineDr. Virgilio Villarroya
Dr. Frank Underwood
PH/Internal MedicineDr. Frank Underwood
Dr. Laurencio Pagis JR.
AnesthesiologyDr. Laurencio Pagis JR.
Dr. Andrea Abello
OB-GYNDr. Andrea Abello
Dr. Caryl Labe
Internal MedicineDr. Caryl Labe
Dr. Rodney Catilo
SurgeryDr. Rodney Catilo
Dr. Rhoda Mae Donasco
ENT-HNSDr. Rhoda Mae Donasco
Dr. Mary Jane Gancio
PediatricsDr. Mary Jane Gancio
Dr. Louie  D. Tacuyan
OrthopedicsDr. Louie D. Tacuyan
Dr. David Alfred
SurgeryDr. David Alfred
Dr. Venus Jopia-Joseph
PediatricsDr. Venus Jopia-Joseph
Dr. Holden Nena
PsychiatristDr. Holden Nena
Dr. Zemar Porras
ER DoctorDr. Zemar Porras
Dr. Diona Mae S. Cabrera
ER DoctorDr. Diona Mae S. Cabrera
Dr. Kyle Lemari
General PractitionerDr. Kyle Lemari
Dr. Aristotle Cruz
ER DoctorDr. Aristotle Cruz
Dr. Jean Philip
General PractitionerDr. Jean Philip
Dr. Annie ChongGum
General PractitionerDr. Annie ChongGum
Dr. Beroni Enne
Medical InternDr. Beroni Enne
Dr. Adri Hicking
General PractitionerDr. Adri Hicking
Dr. Delson Benjamin
Medical InternDr. Delson Benjamin


	 Dr. Joaquin Nasa Jr.
Chief of Staff/Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Disease Dr. Joaquin Nasa Jr.
Dr. Fil Bondad
General SurgeryDr. Fil Bondad
Dr. Fil Bondad
Dr. Janet Ong (PIHOA)Dr. Fil Bondad
Dr. ChoCho Thein
Medical Director/Public HealthDr. ChoCho Thein
Dr. Felicito Noriega
Internal MedicineDr. Felicito Noriega
Dr. Glenson Nukurava
PediatricsDr. Glenson Nukurava
Dr. Corazon Rivera
Obstetrics & GynecologyDr. Corazon Rivera
Dr. Reno Morales
Internal MedicineDr. Reno Morales
Dr. Sandley Sabang Jr.
General Practitioner/Orthopedic SurgeryDr. Sandley Sabang Jr.
Dr. Edmundo Valera Jr.
General SurgeryDr. Edmundo Valera Jr.
Dr. Cheriane Canlas
Family Medicine/Emergency MedicineDr. Cheriane Canlas
Dr. Roxanne Pascua
PediatricsDr. Roxanne Pascua

Majuro, Marshall Islands 96960

   (692) 625 7710

   (692) 625 7710


COVID-19 Health Hotline 24-HR
→ 625-3632 (Majuro)
→ 329-8206 (Ebeye)
 625-4543 / 625-7710 ext 2411


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